The Stervo board is based on Microchip’s DSPIC class processors. We designed this with the microcontroller, driver, power regulator and all communication components on board a tiny 1.4″ by 1.8″ PCB. The PCB has mounting holes that will allow you to fit this right behind a NEMA 17 stepper motor. This board is capable of driving stepper motors at 2.8A continuous (5.6A peak). The board has several firmware features that allow users to customize this controller to their unique application. User can individually set the microstepping, lines per revolution for the encoder, current, limit actions and several other features. The board allows direct connectivity to the computer via the on board micro USB port or if you have several boards via the onboard RS485 bus. The board can be configured to drive DC motor up to 2.8A current but accept steps as the command (hint: thats how we came up with “Stervo”).